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2013 BIEC Surveys

The deadline to complete the Book Industry Environmental Council surveys for publishers, printers and paper manufacturers has been extended until July 12th (original deadline was June 19th).

These surveys will help us track the environmental performace of the books industry. All survey data will remain strictly confidentail and surveys will remain anynomous unless you choose to submit optional contact information. Only aggregate data and industry averages will be publically reported. No information about the responses of any individual company will be collected, stored or reported by the BIEC.

All publishers, printers and paper manufacturers that are involved in the production of books are encouraged to participate in the surveys. To avoid double counting any data please ensure that only one response is submitted for each company.

To see how the data will be used you may wish to view the report based on surveys conducted in 2011 which is available here.

Survey Links:

The surveys can be completed at the links below

Publisher Survey:

Printer Survey:

Paper Manufacturer Survey:

Printable PDF Copies of the Surveys:

Printable PDF copies of the surveys are available at the links below. Please note that the surveys may only be submitted online using the appropriate links above. These printable copies of the surveys have been made available as a convenience for those who wish to use them to record data and take notes as they collect the requested information. If you record information using the printable surveys, you must copy that information into the online surveys in order to successfully summit your company's data.

Publisher Survey (PDF)

Printer Survey (PDF)

Paper Manufacturer Survey (PDF)













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